The plugins that said ‘Adopt me!’ and I adopted them

The story is always the same

I set out to look for some code samples while working on a couple of client projects and came across two plugins that had a notice for adoption. Then I noticed the ‘adopt-me’ tag. This then led me to the third one. (There’s one more but I’m waiting for a reply).

I’m proud to add Front End Upload and Live Comment Preview to the handful of plugins that I solely manage. These were the ones I came across via client projects. Both of them will be refreshed soon.

The third plugin is one of the first BuddyPress plugins I had ever done. My first major paid project was a BuddyPress one and I had used BuddyPress Moderation then. This one I’m personally interested in and going to rewrite in a DCI like architecture.

I also hope to add new features to it. The first thing though is to add some artwork and icons!

Have you seen the other plugin artwork I have created?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.01.53 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.01.35 pm

I’ll be making separate announcements regarding each one’s future, in due course.

You too can adopt one

There are still a couple of plugins looking for a maintainer. Checkout the plugins tagged adopt-me.

Then there are a lot that haven’t used this tag and haven’t been updated in a long time. Hopefully some of them will put theirs up for adoption instead of letting them die of starvation!

Give up your plugins if you can’t take care of them

Yes, you made your plugin with a lot of love back then. Yes, you’re very proud of it. But now you are busy elsewhere and can’t take care of the support tickets or even update the plugin. In that case, just add an adopt-me tag and let someone else takeover. It’s the right thing to do.

That’s all folks!

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