Retiring from organising the WordPress community in Pune

After 7 months of deliberation and vacillation, last night I removed myself as administrator of various social media presences of Pune WordPress community and as a co-organiser on after handing over all such privileges to other organisers. I will have no active part or say in the activities of the Pune WordPress community henceforth.

While someone may tell you that I did this in a fit of anger, I’m writing this post so that things are public and there’s no scope for rumours and such.

This year has been tough for me personally and professionally. I have also struggled with my mental health a lot this year. That’s why I decided to take a backseat as far as active participation in the community was concerned. My finances haven’t been very good, so I couldn’t participate in any WordCamp in India this year.

I have been very fortunate in making very good sensible friends throughout the global WordPress community. Before that, I have been very fortunate in life and have made really great sensible friends. I have a lot of respect for them and frequently take their counsel and help.

I’m deeply satisfied with the kind of work I have been able to do in the Indian and global WordPress community to bring about real and valuable change. It was a successful run.

I have been very invested emotionally and personally in this community. So, when I see something happening that goes against the nature or ideals of the ecosystem or is not in the best interests of it, I’m pretty quick to criticise it or bring it to to people’s attention and I mostly do it privately.

In the last 2 years or so, every time I have tried to criticise an idea or a plan, instead of a discussion on the pros and cons of the idea, for some reason, the person behind the idea would take it as an attack on their character and such. Going a step further, they would retaliate with personal attacks, especially on unrelated stuff. It’s extremely petty and works fine if you are a little schoolboy or schoolgirl, not when you’re 30+ and leaders in your own right.

In the last 2 odd years, I have been patiently working with such folks, pointing out that a criticism of an idea is not the same as the criticism of the person. However, it hasn’t led to any long-term or personal change. I’m honestly tired of doing this over and over again. It hurts me and makes me angry every single time, both things that I can do without at this stage of my life.

So, this post is to let you know that I’m done with being a part of the Pune WordPress community’s organising team. More importantly, I’m distancing myself from any future activities, ideas or plans for meetups in the group or any future WordCamps in Pune. I have nothing to do with any of them.

I’ll continue attending meetups as a member and even speak if the need arises.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop contributing to the community completely. I continue contributing in my own ways and will continue organising community activities privately and in association with meetup groups across India.

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