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I’m Saurabh Shukla. You can find me on Twitter, HeroPress, WP.org and GitHub.


  • Hook, Refine and Tinker is where I write about work related thoughts and ideas. As the name might suggest, it is pretty much about WordPress.
  • wilderMess is where I try and pursue my interest in poetry.
  • SaurabhShukla is where I write more personal stuff about my experience with clinical depression and such.
  • BaapWP.me is a resource center for Indian developers where I write about the holistic development experience.
  • JaiWP talks about the Indian WordPress community.
  • WordCamp Pune 2015 blog has a lot of posts by me.
  • WordCamp Pune 2017 has a few.

Teaching & Training




Currently working on

  • WP Get Go, a node app and molecular framework for rapid WordPress theme bootstrapping & development.
  • WP Deploy, a tool for automated deployment workflows for WordPress theme and plugin development.
  • BaapWP.me, a framework for continuous learning & growth of WordPress developers. The system consists of:
    • An xAPI compliant LRS component built around BuddyPress.
    • An xAPI and SKOS compliant API component for learning objectives  for automated personalised learning pathways.
    • A Continuous Integration (CI) tool that scans and analyses code within the context of WordPress.
    • An xAPI compliant LMS component (on top of BuddyPress) that integrates with the components above to present action plans & courses to assist WordPress developers in continuous learning & growth.