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Bluehost India and BaapWP Partnership

A new partnership and looking towards the future

The Partnership

I’m pleased to announce that Bluehost India and BaapWP have agreed to partner for a couple of new activities and content aimed at the Indian WordPress ecosystem.

Some of these will be conducted on Bluehost India owned platforms and some on BaapWP’s. We have a four month plan where we take baby steps and see what works and benefits the ecosystem and what doesn’t.

We’d also like to see what we’re able to manage comfortably without getting overwhelmed. Which is why these activities will be limited in nature. We’ll be making formal announcements about these activities gradually.

For updates on Bluehost India’s activities, check out their social presence (Twitter, Facebook). For updates on BaapWP’s activities, check out the social presence (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).

What is Bluehost India giving BaapWP?

  1. Equipment and production costs for content that’ll be published on BaapWP’s platforms (including a monthly retainer for a Video Wrangler)
  2. Giveaways and swag.
  3. Financial support.

What is BaapWP giving Bluehost India?

  1. Credits, on air promotion and display of logo on content produced and published on BaapWP’s platforms.
  2. Producing something really interesting (I’ll make announcements soon) that’ll be published on Bluehost India’s platform.

The best parts are all about JaiWP

This post, however, is about what I find truly beautiful about this partnership. Both of us have agreed to support activities on the JaiWP platform.

There are two ways we’re doing this. We are going to use our equipment and resources for some of the content that’s produced on JaiWP’s YouTube channel. Think of it as an in-kind sponsorship. As of now, this includes production and editing of a few episodes of The JaiWP Show and WP Way to start with.

In return, Bluehost India will get credited as “Production supported by Bluehost India”, at the end of the episodes during the outro on these shows. They won’t get any promotions or airtime on these shows to maintain their independence and non-profit nature. Nobody gets paid for the time and effort spent on JaiWP.

WP Way Outro Screenshot


Funding for Introduction to FOSS Workshops

Bluehost India is also creating a limited fund (remember, we’re taking baby steps, right now) for a couple of Introduction to FOSS & WordPress workshops across India. Anyone desirous of conducting a workshop in their locality can apply and get upto ₹4000 towards the cost. We’ll be publishing details and specifics soon.

Depending on the logistics on a case-by-case basis, we may also be able to provide swag and giveaways for the participants as an additional incentive. We may also be able to record and publish the video online in a similar fashion.

If needed, we’ll provide help in organising and marketing these events. We will also help the facilitators with conducting the workshop in terms of training, materials, etc. In return, workshop organisers will display a standee at the venue.

Both the folks at Bluehost India and I hope that this effort will aid the growth of the Indian WordPress community and therefore in the long run, our growth.