WordPress Dashboard on a laptop with notebook, smartphone and a cup of coffee on a table

WordPress Training for Developers

As of now there are two variations of the same WordPress Development Training course, one for individuals looking for a job as a WordPress developer and one for organisations looking to onboard new employees into WordPress development.

Medium of Instruction

Courses are conducted remotely over hangouts and slack. All assignments are managed on GitHub.

Course Aim & Contents

The WordPress Development course (course content) covers basics of web development like HTML5, SCSS & jQuery in the context of WordPress. From there, they cover almost all WordPress APIs.

It is divided into three modules, WordPress Fundamentals, Theme Development and Plugin Development. With plenty of assignments and project work, it focuses on clear fundamental conceptual knowledge and skills gained through actual experience. It is designed to make sure that participants are ready to independently start working in a production environment.

Course Outcomes

At the end of a course, participants will be able to:

  1. Build a WordPress Theme from scratch.
  2. Build a WordPress Plugin from scratch.
  3. Write high quality, standards compliant code.
  4. Use latest build tools for efficient workflows.
  5. Use git to manage code.

While learning WordPress in and out, participants also pick up some accessory skills and knowledge, by design:

  • Version Control with Git
  • Code Formatting with .editorconfig
  • Coding Standards with CodeSniffer
  • Inline Documentation Standards
  • Working in an asynchronous team


  1. WordPress Development Training for individuals looking for a job as a WordPress developer.
  2. WordPress Developer Onboarding for companies looking to onboard new employees into production.