WordPress Developer Onboarding

Are you an individual looking for WordPress Training to land a job?
Checkout the WordPress Development Training course.
  • This is a full time course.
  • It will be conducted remotely using Hangouts & Slack.
  • Contains a lot of practical and hands-on project work.

Aim of the Course

To acquire skills that allow new employees to start working in a production environment.

Course Objectives

On successful completion, participants will be able to

  1. Build a WordPress Theme from scratch.
  2. Build a WordPress Plugin from scratch.
  3. Write high quality, standards compliant code.
  4. Use latest build tools for efficient workflows.
  5. Use git to manage your code.

Course Deliverables

At the end of the course, if your learners complete all assignments and are successful in all the assessments, you’ll get

  1. A portfolio of code for each learner that objectively demonstrates their skills.
  2. A Training Report containing details of their learning, progress and assessment results.


  1. Basic/ beginner level understanding of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & jQuery
  2. Decent internet connection
  3. Laptop or Personal Computer
  4. At least one real world project per learner that you’d have to provide. They’ll complete this under supervision and review by us.
  5. Mentors to supervise and guide project work completion.

Course Contents

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Minimum 4 & maximum 10 learners per batch

(If you have less trainees than the minimum batch size, you can sign them up individually for WordPress Development Training)

Duration & Schedule

  • 6 weeks
    • 70+ hrs of Supervised Training
    • 150+ hrs per week for Project Work
  • Monday – Thursday | Timings, as per convenience (2 hr) | Training
  • Friday | Timings, as per convenience (4 hrs) | Weekly Assessment/ Project Review


Based on discussions, charged per batch irrespective of number of learners. Drop a mail at [email protected]

How do we start?

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with batch size.
  2. We’ll get back to you & schedule an interview/counselling session for your team.
  3. Based on the interview, we’ll send each trainee a pre-assessment task.
  4. After they complete the pre-assessment task successfully, we’ll send you details of payment and enrollment.
  5. We start training.